Catering to ceremony instead of reception?

Okay, I will ask people from Utah and get your opinion

My wedding coordinator suggested catering to the ceremony guests instead of the entire reception, is this something normal in Utah?
If we chose to do this, we would include on the invitation that cake and punch would be served at reception.

Re: Catering to ceremony instead of reception?

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    My cousin got married in Utah.  She hosted her guests properly.  Everyone invited to the ceremony was invited to the reception.  The entire reception.  What you are suggesting is not normal in Utah.  If you are looking for validation for saving money, I would suggest cutting your guest list or having your ceremony/reception over a non-meal time, like ceremony at 2:00 and reception from 3:00-7:00.  Remember, you don't have to invite everyone you have ever know.  You also don't have to go overboard on food.  BBQ or pasta is fine, but splitting the reception into tiers is not acceptable and not common anywhere in the US.  It is just an excuse to get gifts and not spend the money.  If your wedding coordinator is suggesting this, you need to fire her and spend that money on properly serving food.  She doesn't give a shit about you or your guests.  Once you pay her and your wedding is over, she will move on to the next.  Your relationships with your friends and family are not her concern or care.  

    The only exception to this rule is if you are getting married in a Mormon Temple.  There are rules about who can witness.  If you are not marrying Mormon, don't pull the "this is the norm" card, because it is not.
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    You need to cater to the whole reception. LDS weddings do generally have a smaller ceremony list than reception list. However you still need to provide enough food for the whole reception. If you want to make it cheap, don't cater and just make funeral potatoes, ham, and jello salad.
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    Hey there - We live in Utah too.  My man has his lived here his entire life.  I was initially very surprised to learn about how the styles of the weddings & receptions typically go in Utah.  He's gone to quite a few weddings & never been to a reception where he had a sit-down dinner.  The weddings were often held in a Temple to which he wouldn't be invited & IF there was a meal, it was for those ceremony guests aka immediate fam (not served with/at reception?).  The receptions he went to were more of a brief thing with lighter snacks but not a meal.  This can come off as very offensive to those who only know of weddings where you invite everyone to the ceremony AND reception which includes dinner.  But in Utah ... that isn't the norm.  What YOU want to do (& can do) obviously depends on you.  I'd suggest talking with your significant other, parents, and other gals you know that have gotten married.  I'm not at all surprised to hear your planner mention that though.  Best Wishes!
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    I just saw your other post & all the comments that followed.  Like I said, people that are used to what they know can be offended by what they do not know.  Soooo here are some random sites that kinda give an overview & might be of help.  Sounds like the meal for the fam attending a Temple ceremony may even sometimes be before the ceremony (brunch/lunch).

    When you asked about the "norm" in Utah & since you said "cake & punch", I just automatically went to Mormon weddings - naturally, there's a lot of them!  But again, LDS or not - you do what works for you guys.  Hope that helps answer your question.
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