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Checklist suggestion

I would love a way to separate the checklist by person.  As in, who is responsible for each thing.  My groom has his own list and it'd be nice if I could maintain it and easily link it to him, and maybe if he could link an account to mine easily.  I haven't seen a way to do that yet.  Amazon has it for wedding registry and it's really useful because he can add things if he wants without using my account, yknow?  Anyway, I guess a "Honey Do List" would be a nice feature overall as well as a "Bridesmaids do list," maybe with email reminders etc.  So that way all the groomsmen can check a page and see the tie I want them each to pick up, and I can tell when they've marked it as done easily.  

So maybe more like a hub for keeping track of everybody's jobs, without everybody needing to make accounts or log in.  

Re: Checklist suggestion

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    Hi There,

    That's a great suggestion! Unfortunately, we don't have anything like that at this moment but I will definitely pass this along that would be something very useful to add to our site.

    If you have anymore suggestions, feedback or have any questions please let me know.

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