Just a bride looking for a cemetery

Yes you read right! I am looking for a beautiful cemetery to have my wedding. My wonderful man of almost nine years proposed Christmas eve and now it's time to get all 8 years of dreams and visualizations in the works! We are most definitely "Offbeat" and want a unique wedding to fit us within our very low budget. I have contacted major historical cemeteries in Atlanta and Macon and have more or less been rejected with the exception of Oakland Cemetery, however their prices are very high and have quite a number of restrictions ( i.e. No October weddings, No dusk weddings, Nothing included (not even chairs))!!! Oakland charges $800 just for the space and another $500 for a reception space (tiny visitors center), and I would like to say I will pay it if I have to but honestly it cannot be the only beautiful cemetery that allows weddings.

Enough about the cemetery, lets talk attire!

Not only is the location going to be "Offbeat" but the attire will be too. I want a Black or Red dress (still deciding)! It too is impossible to find! I found my dream dress on and man..... IT IS BEAUTIFUL! So beautiful it's $1500.00. Like, Woah! Call me cheap or crazy but it's killing me to think about paying someone that amount of money (non-refundable) to send me something that I wont be able to see or try on until it is paid for and in my hands... :[ So I am hoping to find someone local or closer than Indiana to make my dress for less. Because as of now I haven't found many dresses in black or red that are wedding gown worthy and they are all very expensive. I have just under two years to plan and pay for my wedding because I refuse to go into debt for a wedding, we are young and on our own with very little money, I just graduated cosmetology school and hope that our finances prosper over the next year or so, but regardless I want to DIY the hell out of it and make it fabulous!

If anyone on here has any advice or comments I would love to hear! I am hoping that by posting on here I can connect with some other "Offbeat" brides and hear your stories and struggles and figure out a way to make my dream cemetery wedding a reality!

Thanks :]

Re: Just a bride looking for a cemetery

  • For dresses, I'd suggest looking at Grad/Prom style dresses this spring.  You should find a variety of colours that are still pretty formal.  You will find very little in red/black if you are looking only at wedding shops.  

    I can't comment on cemeteries, though if you're willing to travel, I'd look at NOLA, as from what I can tell, they have beautiful sites.  

  • If you are wanting to stay in the GA area, I can move this post to the Atlanta or Georgia local boards. 


  • Dying a dress is something quite doable depending on the type of fabric.
  • Jells2dot0 That would be great. We want to stay pretty local if possible. Thank You
  • As far as your dress goes - Have you considered purchasing or renting an evening gown. I think you'll find tons and tons of gorgeous options in both red and black that won't have the same high price tag as a wedding gown just because the word wedding isn't attached to it.

    I think the prices for Oakland are extremely reasonable for a venue and ceremony rental fee to be honest....I think it will be hard to beat. The reason you're running in to trouble is because a cemetery is place of mourning and respect for the dead. I think most cemetery management wouldn't want the hassle of a wedding coming in, trampling over graves, leaving trash, and generally disrupting the area for people who are coming in to visit or mourn loved ones. What other venues have you looked in to? Have you considered historic homes or businesses instead? They'll still give you a fun vibe and you can accessorize them to give the offbeat look you're going for. Barrington Hall in Roswell is beautiful, as is Cator Woolford Gardens in Decatur. I can't offer any cemetery just need to continue your process of calling everyone to see if it's even allowed.

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