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Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee

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Does anyone have any experience with either of these designers for bridesmaid dresses? I love their dresses and love that they come in lots of color options! What are the price ranges for these designers? Also, what was your turn around time in terms of ordering the dresses?
Thank you!

Re: Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee

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    My sister in law had us use Alfred Angelo for her wedding. She made us get one style (not our choice) and I hated it. It was strapless, floor length satin with beading on the chest that scratched my underarms. It was $180 and took 3 weeks to come in.

    One of the other bridesmaids got hers and it was too small. The girl told the store well YOU measured me and YOU chose that size by my mesurements, so I'll need a replacement in a different size. They refused and made her purchase a second one. It was bullshit.



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    I used AA for my wedding.  I think they were about $175 and my one friend when hers came in went in to to try it on.  She said it didn't fit (I don't even think they tried tying the corset back) so they ordered her another one in a larger size and that came in pretty quickly.  I think she even got her alterations done there (change from straight neckline to sweetheart) and she didn't have any issues.

    People will have different experiences from store to store.  One store you could have amazing service while another you could have shitty service.  

    I have worn a Sophia Tolli dress, a AA dress and a DB dress and both the Sophia Tolli and AA dress were well constructed and made of nice material.  Can't say the same for DB though, but that could have just been the dress that was picked.

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    My MOH had an AA dress (7281L) - It took about 6 weeks to come in.  The store measured her for her size and it just needed minor alterations.  I needed a dress pretty quickly and AA was one of the few designers I wouldn't need to pay a rush fee for (AA's rush fee is only $15 if we would have had to pay it).  I know the dress was over $200, but we went to a shop that tends to charge more on the high side of the retail price.

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    I've worn an AA dress as a BM. It was two years ago, short satin dress and as I recall was about $130. Dress came in under two months but the lining had been sewn in crooked and required for them to reorder the dress. I looked at AA for my BMs but in addition to not loving their shade of royal blue, I found them a little overpriced for what they are. My BM's also looked at Mori Lee, the prices at the salon near me (outside Boston) for floor length chiffon dresses were in the $150-170 range. The dresses were definitely pretty but my maids didn't think there were enough strapless options so we ended up going with Allure, which ran about the same price.You can see prices for all of those brands on (it's a legit site) to get an idea.
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    My dress for my best friends wedding was alfred angelo. I think mine was about $150 and took 2-3 months to come in. It was pretty true to size i just had to get it taken in a little in the bust. I would suggest if there are any girls above size 8 to maybe not get strapless. I felt like strapless looked better on the smaller girls that did not have a bust. I attached a picture of my dress i loved the way it flowed in the wind 
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    Thank you everyone for your input! 
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    A friend of mine had her girls get AA dresses. It took 3-4 months for the dresses to come in. Her wedding dress took 8 months. Not sure what the prices were like.

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