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Do I get my marriage legal BEFORE I go to the Dominican for my wedding?

I am having the hardest time deciding what to do...  We wanted to go away for a beautiful destination wedding but with the logistics it takes in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana to make your marriage legal, we are considering having an officiant marry us before we go.  Does anyone have any advice on this?  We finally reserved a judge for the civil wedding in Punta Cana but between the cost of the judge, translating the documents, the 6 - 12 week wait time to get your certificate back, we are so nervous something will go wrong and we will not be a legal wedding...  Advice PLEASE!

Re: Do I get my marriage legal BEFORE I go to the Dominican for my wedding?

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    When I had considered a destination wedding I had the same question but the more research I did, talked to my travel agent who also is a destination wedding planner, and talked to couples who had a destination wedding I was completely fine with the whole process.  We were going to get married in Jamaica.  The only reason why we changed our mind was because our families protested too much when they found out.  We were trying to do it secretly.  LOL!  Oh well.

    At the end of the day I think it is all about your comfort level really.  Destination weddings are so common and popular now that it is pretty seamless.  I think you will be fine.  

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    my friend was thinking about doing the exactly same thing.. she wanted to get Married in the DR (Her family and his family is from the DR) and just ended up having an american ceremony then just taking pictures at the resort they wanted to get married at.
    I know she was turned off by that because of the length of the process and the paperwork and I remember her saying something about having to have have stuff done in both languages and it took a few weeks to get done.. (Sorry I should said she is
    I know that didnt help. but that is what she ended up doing. 

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    We are planning to marry prior to the Symbolic ceremony in Punta Cana. The amount of documentation and time constraints were a few of the factors that influenced our decision.

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