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What's Christmas without a little drama!

First off, Christmas Eve. We spent it at my FIL's place. A bit of backstory though. My IL's are horrible gift givers. They just buy shit to buy it, and you can tell they put no thought into a gift. They give the kids random crap that breaks within days of receiving it or the gifts are just never used. FIL bought DD a keyboard this year. DD keeps trying to pick it up and smash it. It's irritating because it takes up space, DS is invariably sad when it does break (and these toys are cheap so when it's broken it's broke), and it's something totally unrelated to what they are interested in. FIL asks for suggestions but never listens to DH when he says what the kids want/need. So FIL bought DS and nephew this race car track. Nephew decided to take his out of the box and put it all together at FIL's house. They played with it for a while then SIL had to get going. They left and they left all of the toys that nephew got from FIL. Sitting out, put together, near the front door. FIL called SIL and she was like "just leave them there, he can play with them when he comes to your house". Except her kids never go to his house but every few months. I get that you think the toy is junk lady, but at least smile and throw it away in private. DH did call out FIL on some of the other crappy stuff he buys (like that cheap designer imposter perfume he buys me).

Christmas day we did Skype/Facetime with family. I told DH to call his mom and we'd Skype with her. So he calls, and she lays into him about church. DH is agnostic and I don't think he's gone to church voluntarily since HS. He tells her to leave it alone, that he doesn't want to have that conversation. She keeps going. So he finally tells her everything- he thinks most Christians are hypocrites, that churches spend more on buildings and light systems and all that crap instead of giving to those in need, that he finds the denial of science by many Christians to be idiotic (this is important because MIL is one of those people who denies evolution and thinks the world is like 6000 years old), and he isn't going to teach his kids that. That we teach our kids to be good people despite of organized religion. We had received a Christmas card from her the day before, and on the envelope and the card MIL had spelled DH"s name wrong. Her own kid. So he fired back with that and then hung up. She will call me, but she hasn't called him or me since then. DH said he's not apologizing, and he's not talking to her.

Re: What's Christmas without a little drama!

  • I don't understand how you can spell your own kids names wrong?  My IL's are both dead, but they didn't even try with my kids, most years they didn't even buy them a cheap gift.  Then in random years when they would buy some cheap junk they wanted huge praise and for the kids to fall all over them with thanks, needless to say we rarely saw them, and my kids barely knew them even though they lived less than 5 miles away. I know this is flameworthy but it was a relief when I didn't have to think about them anymore.
  • me being petty...
    WOuldn't her calling and apologizing be the farm more christian thing to do?
  • She did call last night. We didn't answer- not because of avoidance, but because I was giving DD a bath and DH was in the midst of a project. He probably should have called her back but he didn't. He's irritated with his family right now. THey had a birthday party on Saturday for his sister and brother, but neglected to call him about it until the day of. We had plans with my family for that day. Right now DH just doesn't want to deal with them because they stress him out. I'm not objecting.
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