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Movie Themed Wedding

My fiance and I love watching movies, so we decided to have a reception with a movie theme. Every table will be given a specific movie instead of a number. The guests will have popcorn to snack on while we get our pictures done. My bridal party will walk into the hall to different movie theme songs. The only thing that stumps us is the menu. 

We want a traditional menu, but we want to name each food by connecting it to a movie. EX: yellow brick road mac & cheese (The Wizard of Oz). 
The rest of the menu consists of chicken, backed ziti (for our vegitarian guests), corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread, punch, soda, water.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It could be a movie title or an aspect from a movie.

Thanks :)

Re: Movie Themed Wedding

  • Chicken Little chicken
    Lady and the Tramp ziti (not quite spaghetti, but hey!) haha
    Children of the Corn
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind mashed potatoes

    Hope one of those helps!
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  • This sounds cute.  I wouldn't really worry about naming all the food though-- where will guests see the name?  On the buffet, maybe?  I don't know that I would really notice this as a guest.

    Could you name the meal instead of each individual dish?  Like, choose your favorite movie and see if you can work with the title.

    I also have to point out... when you say "while we have our pictures taken" do you mean cocktail hour?  You really should have something beyond just popcorn for that.  I love popcorn, but guests will be hungry!  What about other movie-inspired snacks like mini hot dogs, pretzels, or a nacho bar?
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  • @JCbride2015  oh man, a nacho bar at a wedding? I would be the couple's new best friend. YUM!
  • I agree with everything @JCbride2015‌ said. As a guest, I wouldn't notice if you named each food item. And as for cocktail hour, I would definitely have more than just popcorn. Pretzels, hotdogs (maybe even pigs in a blanket) mini tacos, etc.
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  • If you post the same thing on multiple boards, it's best to put 'XP' in the title (cross-post).

    As many others said on the other thread(s) when you asked this question, I think naming your food cutesy names can be skipped. IMO, the theme doesn't have to be taken that far to touch every last detail. People would rather know exactly what they're eating.


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