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Wedding Woes

MIL saga, take 437

I'm being dramatic, what's new?

gMIL passed away in late September, she left some $$ to family, some of which is a monthly "allowance" to MIL.  So basically MIL went from making x to 4x with this money.  Over the last year MIL has also taken up online dating, which is fine, I totally promote her broadening her circle and opening herself up to new social experiences.  But with parameters and safeguards in place.   Fast forward to Halloween.  MIL says she's not going to be in town, but this is only after H asked what she is up to...and then she plays all coy about it and patronizes the crap out of him, and basically makes it out like she's hiding something.  When all H wants to do is make sure she's being smart and safe and people know where she is in case of emergency, etc.  You know...adult things.  MIL in no uncertain terms told him that she told her FRIENDS where she'd be, so that's all that mattered.

Fast forward to Christmas Day, and she hands H this travel itinerary on the sly, with a "I know you were upset last time, so here you go" and mentions traveling to Montana. He barely glances at it because we're celebrating with family, and doesn't want to cause a scene, so he tucks it away.  Sunday arrives, and SIL calls H asking where MIL is and that her phone is not answering...and he says "oh yeah, about that---she's out of town.  And let me grab this itinerary and share with you." 

He then proceeds to read that MIL flew to CO, but stayed not in DENVER but in another town north of that with a "guest" in a hotel, a "guest" that has an address of Wyoming, but MIL never mentioned wyoming---only Montana.  Of course SIL is just having some sort of "wtf-fest" and H starts googling distances.  She's meeting a man out of state, that no one else knows, in a state, traveling to another state over 7 hours by car...and then flying home.  But we shouldn't be worried...right?

And H thinks having a talk with her will help.  *scoff*  OKAYYY...sure.

Re: MIL saga, take 437

  • Eh I don't think a talk at this point will help because she obviously is in her own little fantasy world where nothing bad ever happens when you meet strangers on the internet.

    That being said, I hope someone is checking in with her regularly.
  • A talk won't help, but I agree I hope people are checking and checking her financials. 
  • and perhaps slipping condoms into her bags and suggesting STD screenings.
  • I actually think that would be wise, Dixie.  100% seriousness-and I think you meant it too.
  • I totally meant it. Doesn't matter how old you are or what point in your life. Safe sex, if you're having it (especially with randoms), is so important.
  • I learned a long time ago with my father, who is quickly killing himself with cigarettes and alcohol, that old people are adults and they have the right to make their own decisions. They have the right to ruin their own lives if that's what they want to do.

    We talk all the time on TK about parents sticking their noses where they don't belong. It goes both ways. Unless Mumsie is wandering around in her underpants on a highway at 2 in the morning, unsure of where she is, let her do her.

    Granted, when she gets back, you can inform her of your concern and ask if there's a way they can get ahold of her in case of emergencies the next time she's away.

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