Cost-cutting questions

My partner and I both live in Sweden. He's Swedish, and I'm originally from Seattle. We've been planning a trip back to The Old Country this spring so that he could see the sights and meet my family. 

Then my mom got diagnosed with Emphysema. She told me that her one wish was to see me married off before she goes. So now we're planning a wedding on this trip. Oh dear...

Travelling from Sweden to Seattle is expensive enough, but planning a wedding on short notice from overseas on a tight budget...don't they make reality shows about this kind of thing? 

So, I'm in slightly desperate need of advice on 
  1. Cheapest venues with package deals that include tables, chairs and catering OR dinnerware + kitchen access (reception)
  2. Free outdoor venues (ceremony)
  3. ANY ninja cost-cutting secrets the internets can offer
Oh, and here are the all-important details:
Date: early/mid April 2015
Guest List: 55 invited, probably 40 will RSVP (depending on if it's weekday or a weekend)
Already Taken Care Of: Music, cake, Officiant, rings

 Thanks in advance!
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