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Different names!

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I am so frustrated, I am in Michigan, one of the last states to have marriage equality.  My wife and I got married here in September, but then drove to Indiana to make it legal last week.  Yesterday, I was able to change my name with social security, and was told that would be all that I needed to change my license.  WRONG!  Since the marriage license is for two women, they won't change it.  It is a good thing I don't plan on changing jobs soon, or they would be really confused why my license and social security card don't match!


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Re: Different names!

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    they'll have to get with the program.  Once your name is changed on your social security card, and that is your legal name, I think you'll be able to petition the DMV (with your new social security card, once you get it in the mail) and force them.  It will probably take a lot of fighting and bitching and moaning, but it will happen eventually.    I've had so many friends have to go through the fight in their home state, but they have all eventually won the fight.

    Good luck!

    ETA:  I did a little research, looks like you might be able to get this handled next spring. It's working its way through the courts.  

    I have also heard that some people go and get a drivers license out of state (assuming they know someone in that state and can use their address) and then apply for a new license in their home state.  In many states, all that is required for a drivers license is your out of state license, and your social security card.   It's a somewhat shady work-around that some folks are using.
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