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Natural make-up vs. Air Brush

Anyone have experience with airbrush make up?  I recently attending a wedding where the bridal party was airbrushed and they looked way too tan and not so natural.  Maybe because it's winter they looked unnatural.  Does natural make-up look just as good in wedding photos? 

Re: Natural make-up vs. Air Brush

  • I'm having issues deciding between regular and airbrush as well. My FI's sister had her makeup airbrushed this past summer for her wedding, and she looked flawless. The way she had it done made her look extremely natural, but she looked glamorous. She had no issues or anything with it in pictures or coming off. I've read horror stories about both types of makeup, so I'm totally in the air about it. Good luck deciding. 

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  • My sister and I are super super pale. Before her wedding we both got a spray tan. (The fact that I was actually sunburned and was peeling effected the staying power of the spray tan, but that's another story). At any rate, I got air brush makeup. It looked good, but I was already slightly bronzed from the spray tan. My sister got a lighter shade of spray tan and the did her airbrush makeup in a lighter shade to match and it looked natural to me. A good makeup artist should be able to match the airbrush makeup to the skin regardless of color, but I do think it probably does look better on someone slightly tan or not so white. 
  • Airbrush makeup can look completely natural if you find someone who knows how to do it well (I am considering using this lady. I am in Southern California, not sure where you are at). Airbrush can be more expensive but (as long as it is done well) can offer a lot more coverage while still looking natural as long as you have someone who knows what they are doing. 

    If interested in airbrush be prepared to spend a bit more. I would just look around and see who in your area has experience with it. Go try some of your local salons and see if any of their stylists also offer Make Up Artist services as well. Request before/afters and photos of their past work. 

    Good luck!!
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  • I've heard mix reviews on airbrush. I've heard it can be great to it was melting of the BM faces. If you decide to try something different I would recommend doing a trail with the products 2-3 months before your wedding and do it early in the day so you can see how it holds up to a whole day of activities. The reason I say try it out 2-3 months (or more) in advance is to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the new product. I was glad I did my trail when I did because even though I have never had problems with any problems with any brands in the past, for some reason I was allergic to the brand my salon uses. I was breaking out within 4 hours of being on my face. Luckily I had more then enough time for my face to clear up before my wedding. Could you imagine how upsetting it would have been to find out on my wedding day I was allergic to the product & to be breaking out during the cermony & having that shown in all my pictures.
  • I've heard to avoid airbursh, as it tends to looked very caked on in pictures and doesn't "fill in" your lines and ends up sitting on top of your face. Personally, do reviews on the brands of airbrush or regular makeup and see what people say. 
  • My photographer told me to avoid airbrush makeup as it tends to make your face look flat in photos.
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