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September 2015 Weddings

photobooth-yay or nay?

What do you ladies think?

I've never been a guest at a wedding that has had one, but I know they're very popular and fun for guests.  We're strongly considering getting one and I'm shopping around.  Looks like it will be around $1,000 for 4 hours which fits in the budget.


Next question: Is 8 pm too late to start it? Our ceremony is at 5 at our venue and cocktail hour will immediately follow the ceremony downstairs at 530.  I'd like to start it after dinner (which I'm assuming will be around 8?)

Re: photobooth-yay or nay?

  • CourtC77CourtC77 member
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    The last two weddings we have been to had a photobooth and we really enjoyed it. It was nice when we wanted a break from the dance floor and the photo strips are a nice little extra something for the guests to take home. We decided to book one for ours since it fell within our budget. Our cocktail hour is from 6-7 so we are having them come and have it ready for 7 when the reception portion would begin and stay until it ends around 11. Our reception area is on the smaller side so we chose to have it up and ready when the reception starts just so all the set up of the booth isnt going on or in the way during the dinner portion. It most likely will not get used until after dinner when reception really starts to get underway so I think if you start it at 8 after dinner that should definitely be fine!

  • Thanks for the input! Thought it would be fun for cocktail hour, but  sdon't want people mising dinner, hanging out at the PB.

  • We are getting one, although I am already somewhat regretting it, because we could have used that money better somewhere else. Oh well, it's already signed, so can't go back now. I went to two weddings with one, they definitely are fun and like CourtC77 said, it is a nice keepsake/favor for guests. I still have the ones from a college friends wedding hung up in my house. I say if it fits your budget, go for it, if it would make you go over, I would not do it, people won't miss it. I would agree about starting it at 8ish, I don't think that's too late if that is when dinner is over and as long as that timeframe works for the PB company. I have not thought too much about times yet, but we also have ours for 4 hours and would probably start it or have them start setting up when dinner is almost over.
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  • I just signed the contract and mailed the deposit in this am! It fit in the budget and my FI really wanted it, so we went for it.  We're doing 4 hours, from approx. 8-mdnight. We'll have them enter through the back etrance to set up, so guests don't see it and it won't interrupt the reception. Thevenue has a special private room that they use for the booth for weddngs.   Looking forward to it!

    We already did our favors, so the pics won't serve as those, but just a fun little smething extra for guests to bring home too!

  • I say YAY! My photobooth comes with props, 2 attendants and we get a guestbook with the pictures and guest messages.. I can't wait!
  • We really want to do a photo booth...could the photos pass as favors or is that janky?!
  • I know that this is an international board but just curious if anyone has gotten one or thought about getting a photo both from groupon.com ? A lot of the prices are like 1/2 off but you know how they say sometimes too good to be true lol

  • Knottie62225317 I found my photobooth company through a referral from my photog, so not sure about the groupon deals out there.  If it's for a legit business then I would just look for reviews for the business before purchasing to make sure they're legit. 
    f it's a DIY PB, I'd say it's prob too much of a hassle and guests may not be able to figure it out or get their pics printed on the spot. 
  • We really want to do a photo booth...could the photos pass as favors or is that janky?!

    Favors aren't required, but I would say they could.
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  • We got really lucky, booked our photobooth through our DJ in a group package :) They will be there the entire reception and DJ plus photobooth, props attendant with guest book all for only $900!
  • @cincystacy-you got your DJ AND ZPB for $900? Wow! We're paying $995 just for 4 hrs of the PB.
  • We are doing 2 hours of the PB...going to do it after brunch while people are dancing...

    If you have not booked yours check groupon, at least here in CA they have good deals. I got mine with the DJ package both for 930.00 (but that is with the 30% discount I won at a bridal fair)
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  • Yes I used thumbtack.com to find some of my vendors and one of them noticed I requested both a dj and a photobooth and he was willing to do both for $900!  I thought it may be too good to be true so I investigated prior to signing the contract.  They have a great track record.  I highly suggest thumbtack if you have any vendors still needed.  It is like lending tree where you put in what you are looking for and they come to you!  
  • @cincystacy that is awesome! I've never heard of them and have booked all my vendors (thank God!) but good to know if any "extras" come up
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