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Affordable Venues???

Any NJ venues at $80pp for a Sat night?

Re: Affordable Venues???

  • Is that with taxes and service charge? If so, I haven't seen any for that price. With the standard 7% sales and 20-22% service charge, it usually starts around $95 which is the low end of the spectrum. You might be able to find that for a Friday or Sunday but not for a Saturday night. 
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    That's a challenge.  How big is your group?  What about a private room at a restaurant?
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    I agree with PP, thats going to be a challenge.  We were married in April and still paid over $120pp for a Friday night, and it was during Lent.

    I like the suggestion of a private room in a restaurant if your head count works for them.

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  • if you switch to a Friday night you will have a lot more options. I was in the same boat as you, I just booked my wedding for a Friday night at the farmstead in Lafayette, NJ less than $100 including tax and gratuity.
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