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Resonably priced TTD Photogs in Cabo?

We've decided to do a TTD photo shoot and would like to do it on our honeymoon. We are going to Cabo San Lucas, and have looked into some photographers who are asking outrageous sums of money for their services. I understand getting what you pay for, but $1000/hr was not what I had in mind to jump around in the ocean and throw paint on my dress. Has anyone else done their shoot down there and have any recommendations? We don't have a budget per se, but $1000/hr is definitely over it.

I saw lots of reasonable ones in Cancun with way nicer portfolios, so I have high hopes that it is possible in Cabo too. At this point, it would actually be cheaper to fly to Cancun the weekend after we get back for a one day shoot and then come home. That's ridiculous.

Re: Resonably priced TTD Photogs in Cabo?

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    I would suggest hiring a local photographer and tell them you want to do portraits at the ocean with your husband. Don't mention TTD, that will increase you costs. It will probably mean you can't do the paint throwing - that will cost more bc of supplies and clean up - the pain doesn't just end up on your dress but all over the studio and the photog will have to buy a disposable backdrop and there are other costs involved.

    Also you may have to go to a different location than the resort you are staying, many of them on allow their staff photogs to take pro shots on their property.

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