We are getting married July 23, 2011 near Astoria, Or.  We are on a very tight budget and are looking for a good photographer.  We aren't interested in having an album made.  We just want great pictures and the images on a cd so we can print them ourselves.  If anybody has any ideas or names please let me know.  Thanks!!!

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    I'm goning to do this for my wedding in march; put on craigslist for a student photographer gig.  You can pay them like $200, or less, add in a meal and you get nice photos and they get photos for their portfolios.  It's a win win situatuation.  Art Institute of Portland, and Portland State students are always looking for extra jobs.  Otherwise the cheapest I found was out of salem for $650 (however I'm still looking).
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    Instead of putting it on CL, I would call the head of the art depts at local universities and let them know what you're looking for.  They'd be able to put you in touch with the best person for the job skill wise, as well as the most responsible student.  One of the OMLs used a CL photographer and somewhat regrets it, so just be careful with that.

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    If you aren't pinched with your budget I would highly recommend Powers Studios out of Portland (they travel for free anywhere in the world). They are great people and work very hard to meet your needs. They give you all of the images on a CD, they shoot in RAW, and they edit every single image they take (which is crazy!).

    Definitely check them out!


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    Has anyone ever used William Fisher Photography?
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    [QUOTE]One of the OMLs used a CL photographer and somewhat regrets it, so just be careful with that.
    Posted by DramaGeek[/QUOTE]

    DG is right.  With wedding photography, you really do get what you pay for. 
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