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Chromecast vs. Fire TV vs. Roku?

Or Apple TV?

Anyone have any of these?  Pros? Cons? 

Once HBO goes to a monthly subscription, DH and I are heavily considering ditching cable and doing HBO and Netfilx (we're going to share with BIL/SIL, they have Netflix and we'll have HBOGo.)  We might pick up Hulu too (I currently use my friends account, but if we do the share thing with BIL/SIL we'll pay for it on our own). But we think a streaming device will be the way to go.  

We have a Prime subscription...we also have an iPad.  Wzz was raving about Fire TV on FB a few weeks ago. 

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.  ;) 

Re: Chromecast vs. Fire TV vs. Roku?

  • It seems our PS3 is going to be going out, so we're looking at these options, as well as picking up the HBOGo subscription.  I think we're probably going to go with Google Chromecast.  We couldn't really see any major differences where one was the best over another.  So, we're going with Google b/c of their reputation and we like Android phones.

    I do enjoy having Hulu Plus.  The only thing I don't like about it is that some new shows don't actually show up until the last danged minute.  I've bought 2 shows over Amazon Instant that I didn't need to (Gotham and Shield) because I didn't want to miss them at all.  But the Hulu Plus has kept us from buying as many new shows on Instant.  I've got quite the danged queue going on the thing now.
  • We are also getting rid of HBO and picking up the subscription

    We have had Chromecast for a year.  We have it in our bedroom and use it for netflix.  The bad thing is that we use our Kindle to cast and HBOGO isn't currently supported on the Kindle.  I could download the app on my phone, but I really don't have the space for it.  Maybe when I get a new phone next year.

    My only Chromecast complaint is that it doesn't always work, even with an excellent wifi strength.  The cast option doesn't always show up without unplugging, letting it sit a while and trying again.

    Right now my issue is that we got a new modem and when I connected my chromecast to our new network, I got an error message that my netflix app needed to be updated.  But there's no update in the app store.  I don't have tons of time to devote to figuring this out right now, so it will have to wait.

  • I have the chromecast and haven't missed cable/dish at all.  I use hulu+ and netflix.  Only downside to chromecast is you cannot stream prime through it.  If you watch a lot through prime I would go with the fire or roku.
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