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Hi all - i am getting stuck on how to write the About Us section on the website, i just dont know where to start off at. Also i dont want to sound way into ourselves...any examples would help a ton!

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    Hey there! This board is generally reserved for tech related issues so I'm going to move this to a board where you should be able to get a bit more help :)
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    In ours, we wrote about 7 sentences on each of us separately including where we grew up, where we went to college and what we studied, what we do for work now, a couple of our hobbies, and the last sentence was a random "fun fact" about us. We then included a third section that explained how we met and told the story of our first date in about 12 sentences. We each have friends and family invited that the other has never met, so I felt it was a good way to "introduce" ourselves to these people.
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    I would say skip it and delete it from your website.  I am assuming you aren't inviting strangers to your wedding so the "about us" section seems pretty pointless to me.

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    Maggie0829 said. These sections often come across in the way you are concerned about, OP. If nothing else, err on the side of brevity.

    We are using Appy Couple and the "About Us" section is all in the form of pictures. You can write a caption and some text about each. We have four pictures with little (one or two sentence) blurbs, most of which are excessively silly. I liked that better than writing a big block of text for people who already know us to read. 

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    I have to disagree with @Maggie0829. There were PLENTY of people invited to our wedding who had never met H or people invited from his side who hadn't met me. We just did a short paragraph on each of us - where we were born/grew up, went to college, and what we did for work and fun. It doesn't have to be a novel.

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    I literally just wrote ours about 5 minutes ago, so this is fresh in my mind. 

    I disagree with @Maggie0829. There are friends and family of my FI that I have met numerous times and friends and family that have met my FI numerous times and none of them most likely know half the info we put on our "About Us" section.

    I just included how we met, where we work, where we went to school, what we both do separately for fun, and what we do together for fun. I tried to make it cheerful and light-hearted. I personally think that extended family who do not know you or your FI well, enjoy learning more about them before attending their wedding. This is especially true if you have a large family who live far apart.  I went a wedding of my cousin (that I am not close to) and his now wife and they left off an "about us" section off their web site. Since I'd never met the bride, at their wedding I found myself asking all the questions to mt aunt and uncle about where the bride worked, how they met, etc. As I drafted my "About Us" section, I thought about all those questions I had about the bride that day. 

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    I also disagree with Maggie.  My husband and I had been dating less than 4 months when we got engaged.  Of the 80 or so people from his side of the family at the wedding more than 60 were strangers to me.  I'd guess probably 80 on my side didn't know who my husband was either.  The little bit we shared on our website gave them a glimpse into who we were and how we met.  Mine included where I grew up, where I went to school, my career, hobbies, and a few interesting facts.  My "about us" pet peeve is when people say "I" instead of using their name.

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    Sorry to all that disagree with me, but personally, I am going to the wedding because there is someone I know getting married.  I am happy for them but I certainly do not need to know their entire back story or how their future H or wife grew up or where they went to school or the cutesy story of how they met.  All I care about is that they met someone that they love and are getting married.  If I cared that much about how the two of you met then I would ask you personally.

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