Opinions on candy please!!

We are getting sheer 3x4 bags for each guest that will be at their seat. Now.. what is everyone's favorite candy? What I have planned for now is:
3 Hershey Kisses
3 Hershey Hugs
3 Andes mints
per bag

Those candies fill the bag... but I want opinions on what most people like. Are the Andes mints a good idea? Maybe only do Kisses, not Hugs, and just add more mints and chocolates? Maybe a different candy like Rolos? 

It's a minor detail, but I would really appreciate some opinions. Thought about a candy bar, but I don't have a lot of money to spend on setting up a nice candy bar. My wedding colors are peach. ivory and chocolate brown. The sheer bags are peach. 


Re: Opinions on candy please!!

  • Also, does anyone know of any good bulk candy sites?

    Thanks again!
  • I think Hershey candy is gross- tastes chalky. I'd love the Andes mints and the mint would be particularly nice after dinner to sooth the stomach- especially if the dinner was large and/or rich.

    I'm no help on the bulk candy... google?
  • I don't eat chocolate, so I'd give it away or leave it.

    From an aesthetic standpoint, would candies of same shape look nicer in bag?  Ie--rectangular Andies make it lumpier than Rolos or just more kisses?  I'd probably suggest all kisses to keep it simple.  If I was supporting chocolate.
  • I would add in some non chocolate stuff. I absolutely love chocolate, but I know a lot of people don't. Maybe add in some skittles or starburst? Something with a little color!  Also, if you do want to stick with chocolate I would suggest M&Ms. You can buy them in bulk and in your wedding colors which would look really nice
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    I think what you have is fine.
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    You can't make everyone happy no matter what you pick. I think what you have is fine. The biggest thing the ladies on here always say is do edible favors and you are doing that. I wouldn't be nitpicky enough to say you don't have the right kind of candy.
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    Another vote that what you have is perfect! If anything, I'd just keep kisses and hugs to keep the same type as the andes are completely different.  But, I'd never complain if you put all 3 in!
  • I love what you have, especially the Andes mints; they're just so tasty! The only bulk place I can think of is Oriental Trading, but I'm not sure if they have everything that you're looking for.

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    Even if other ladies on here don't love what's in the bag, I'd be the guest who offers to take them off their hands ;)

    You're good with what you have. If you want to get fancy, maybe even just make each bag a little different, and guests can trade for what they prefer. Personally, I'd hoard the Hershey's kisses!
  • Do you have a BJs or Costco membership? Should be able to get big bags there I would think.

    Your favors sound great! I would be especially happy to see the Andes!
  • Thanks everyone for your replies!! I think we are going to keep the Hershey Kisses and Andes mints... and replace the Hugs with Rolos. That'll give a little different color and won't mess with the Hugs&Kisses theme. I see there are a lot of bulk candy websites, so I will have to do some research. Thanks again, everyone!
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    I like what you have. Personally I get creeped out by homemade bags with uncovered candies in them, and those three are all individually wrapped. 


  • All three are good, but if you have anyone who doesn't care for chocolate (hard to believe...but my family has a couple), you might want trade out one for a non chocolate candy like individually wrapped swedish fish or starbursts or jolly ranchers


  • I love choclate so would love all of your choc. selections.  Swedish fish and sour patch kids would be a good addition too. 

  • Oriental trading, bj's or cosco, Sam club. Candy is just fine, i think just about everyone loves andes mints
  • I'm not a chocolate fan but honestly, you can't please everyone. I would give them to my FH or someone who would like them.

    I think the assortment you have is perfect. I'd check on Amazon, they seem to have upped their game on bulk candy.

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  • www.temptationcandy.com 
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