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April 2015 Weddings

Almost there

Were almost there!! Only a couple more months til the big day. What all do you all have left to do?

Re: Almost there

  • I have all of my big things done, I just have all of the small things (centerpieces, make up and hair ideas, etc...)! What all do you have left to do? I DIYed my bouquets, and I am in love with them!
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  • Same here.  All "big" things done - but all the details are what is starting to overwhelm me!  Although it is fun to look at pretty things (hair, makeup, accessories).

    Would love to see the finished product @futuremartin2015 ! I'm challenged in the DIY department, but so love seeing everyone's creativity come to life!
  • Here are my bouquets! I'm actually really proud of them! My sister made my bouquet, and then I had the task of doing all of the bridesmaids, lol.

    Let me know if you can see these pictures.

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  • Awe the pictures are not showing up. I am still debating on making my own as well. I find it hard to find sunflowers that don't look extremely fake. I have all the big things done as well. The bridesmaid dresses were a huge pain. We ended up just ordering some from Target in which will get them altered. We have our first cake tasting in a week. And our first meeting with the officiant in two weeks. I have my first fitting the first weekend in Feb so now Im just looking for everything I need for that day;shoes and under garments.

  • @futureMrsMayhle The links seem to work after they load a little bit. :) 

    @futuremartin2015 Those are amazing! I can't believe they are not real flowers!  I might just have to see if my sister can help me get a little crafty and try it!
  • all the major stuff is done, now i just have to get some more stuff for DIY's, book transportation from the venue to the hotel room for that night, buy rings, and my fiances suit..and finish up some bridal party gifts and little details :)
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  • @futureMrsMayhle - I used fake sunflowers from afloral.com and I feel like they look great! Not fake at all. I'm very pleased with how they turned out!

    @saramarie86 - Thank you! It was a lot of fun for my sister and I to do it together. Definitely a great bonding experience!
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  • They look awesome!! I think that is what I will try! I feel so behind now that I see all you other April brides with flowers and stuff done.
  • The details are what's freaking me out.  We took vacation last week and managed to figure out processional and recession music, vows, got the ribbons for our bouquets (florist wants to charge $10 per bouquet if they provide the ribbon), and got the invitations printed.  I've got my general hairstyle figured out, still have to book my bridal makeup trial but already know I'm hiring my esthetician to do that work.  I need to call my seamstress for my initial consult this week so she can get a general idea of what we need done so she'll know how long to plan. 

    We have the photographer, venue, caterer, dj, and venue decorator hired.  The bakery said they only need a couple months' notice so we haven't gone there yet to book them for sure (it's a grocery store so they do tons of weddings, no biggie). 

    Still trying to figure out a veil.  Ugh.   FI's groomsmen need to get in and get measured for their tuxes, double ugh.  We also need to get my FSD's bridesmaid dress altered at some point.


  • Shoot me! My wedding planning has gone from ahead of the game to a cluster f*ck! It's all messed up! My fiance and I have been engaged since September 2013 and with an April 2015 wedding we have been slowly planning and working on things bit by bit as we please, however, it's now just too close.

    Since getting engaged I ran out and bought my dress/veil, booked the venue (they do the catering, alcohol, and we receive a coordinator), bought our wedding bands, booked our photographer, DJ, officiant, cake baker, flowers, and honeymoon, tuxedos, hairstylist, and just recently bought my bridal shoes this past Wednesday. I also just booked my first fitting for February.

    We were cutting it super close as it was not until yesterday (1/10/15) that we did not have bridesmaids dresses. Thankfully we found some, and with rush shipping they will be here in March. I also still have to finish some of my DIY centerpieces, and the ribbon bows that will be tied to the outside of the chairs facing the aisle. FI is getting measured today for his tux, and everybody else needs to as well, and then the girls dresses will need altered as well.

    Lastly, we still haven't met our coordinator for our venue, nor do we have an official menu. Kill me! In our state, our marriage license is only good for 60 days so we need to get that a little later as well.
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  • @caitlinmca I know the feeling. I have been engaged since 12/25/2013 and I felt like I had a ton of time. I waited for everything except the venue dress wedding bands photography DJ Cater. I had no idea it would take so long to get bridesmaid dresses in. That was the hardest part of the whole planning process. Luckly we finally found some in which they should be in today. However they were ordered off line so alterations will prob be needed.
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