budget friendly invitations

anyone know of a good place for invitations in the boston area that is reasonably priced? 

Re: budget friendly invitations

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    Are you interested in either DIY or at least self-designed invitations? Because I highly recommend Cards and Pockets which is based in MA in Easton. They don't have a retail store as they're online only, although they do allow local customers to pick up their orders at their warehouse which saves on the shipping cost. They sell both the paper for self-printed invitations, and they also offer a very reasonably priced printing service if you send them the files, which you could either completely design yourself or you could look on Etsy and buy a digital design for them to print. I'm printing myself but did get a quote for printing that I considered reasonable, I just decided my printer was good enough for me to not spend that money, but I love their paper quality and many color options.
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    we used and they turned out great! You can sign up online and get a free packet with sample invitations (so you can compare sizes/materials).  Plus there is always some discount, i think we got 35% off.  We paid about $180 for 170 invitations and RSVPs.
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    thanks @jessm211! I think i will go with VP because i found a coupon for $100 off your order of $200+, which is great! although i did read some reviews that said the paper was somewhat thin, so im debating whether i should upgrade the paper or not. i don't have time to order their sample packet, so i sadly won't be able to compare. what did you choose for yours? and did they turn out as you expected?

    TY in advance!!
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    Try one of The Paper Store locations!
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    We did MagnetStreet and were pleased.They were shipped about a week after placing the order.
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