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April 2015 Weddings


I think i may be behind on my wedding plans. I have venue, DJ, a photographer. Cake, an dress are coming up this month, my decor is diy and thats all i have right now AHHHH. Where is everyone else? Oh yea my wedding is April 24, 2015
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Re: Overwhelmed

  • edited January 2015
    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, too! It seems like you have a pretty good handle on things. We still have three months left, so it'll all get done! Just take a deep breathe, and I get married on April 25th!
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  • Heather,

    Right there with you! The second I feel like I'm in a good spot I start remembering all the little details that still have to be sorted out!  It's helped me to just focus on one or two things at a time so I don't get too crazy.

    I'm also April 24th!  Can't believe how quickly it is coming up!
  • I am very overwhelmed as well. I am another April 25, 2015 bride and It seems like everything is all over the place. The bridesmaid dresses have been the hardest thing for us. Hopefully everything gets easier now that the big things are over with.. Cant wait for the honeymoon!!!
  • Haha you and me both!  That's what Eric and I both say when people ask what we are most looking forward to!

    Where are you headed?
  • I had a wedding nightmare the other night! We had to move the wedding to the next day and everything was missing! It was terrible.
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  • @saramarie86 We are heading to Costa Rica. Where are you all going?
  • @futureMrsMayhle Antigua!  Can't wait!  And I also just had a nightmare - nothing was ready and I was in a different state morning of.  :-/
  • Yes i feel ya @saramarie86 the nightmares are starting to come more frequently. Mine was something happening with the cake. Ugh the stresses of planning a wedding. BTW I have always wanted to go to Antigua. Sounds beautiful!!
  • Hey ladies. I am an April 2015 bride too, and this checklist saved my life:


  • April 25th here too and I still have a TON to do! But I think it'll all work out. :)
  • April 18 and I'm right there with you all!

    I knew I was behind, but once the new year began I started narrowing my tasks to weekly instead of looking at them all together. I found the knot checklist helpful. I deleted the to-do's that didn't apply to me, and printed it out. I then made my own list in order of importance to me. I put 2-4 (depending if they are major or minor to-do's) on my To-Do list for the week and have been having a lot of success. Narrowing it down to a weekly view point definitely reduces the stress!

  • April 3rd...and feeling super overwhelmed!!

    I bought a planner with some note space for each week, and broke up my knot to-do list over the weeks to come and gave myself a couple things each week. Some weeks have only one thing if its a big thing, or 2-3 little things. On weeks I knew I had other things going on, like a shower or my bachelorette party I didn't give myself anything! I'm a big list maker, so it helps me to physically cross something off!

    I'm hoping by doing that I'll start to feel a little more relaxed!  

  • Hi!  I'm Michele and I'm getting married on April 17th.  Just ordered our invitations yesterday and I'm worried they will be sent out late.  Still so many little things to do!  Did anyone go for a dress fitting yet?
  • I have my first dress fitting on Friday! I am so excited to put my dress on again!

    Also, I'm doing my hair and makeup trial! I can't wait!!!
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  • Another April 25th bride here!  I bought the knot planner and have been religious checking the to do list oh here. Just make lists of things you need to do and try to check things off a little at a time. That worked great for me and also helped spread out the spending!

  • I have my dress alterations for Feb 7. I am still trying to find a makeup/ hair person or salon in the area.
  • 53 days until my big day and my so called "bestfriend" of 15 years has a hissy fit and drops out of my wedding and took another bridesmaid with her pretty much! HA! Can wedding planning get any more overwhelming? Smh....these times will tell you who is really a friend or a foe! 
  • @mic411 oh I have been in the same boat. I have gone through multiple bridesmaids. Just have to keep in mind those who want to be there will and forget about the rest.
  • @futureMrsMayhle So true! Glad I'm not alone! Feeling a bit more at ease and knowing that my day will be beautiful regardless of the last minute changes!
  • We've gone through 1 groomsmen already, not by our choice. The groomsmen was a brother in law to my fiance, well the brother in law decided to get a girlfriend and get sneaky behind fiance's sisters back and are now getting a divorce, they just got married this past August, hasn't even been a year since fiance's sister and the brother in law were married.
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  • Yeah to make matters worse my bff is unable to attend because her job wont give her off ( she is out of state). STRESS!!!!!
  • @futuremrsmayhle How about my "bff" dropped out of the wedding to "not cause me anymore stress" tuh! smh 
  • @mic411 crazy. So much to do and so little time
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