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Walking down the Aisle (or in this case staircase)

My FI and I have both been married before.  My father is not in the picture and my mother walked with me at my first wedding.  No I would just like to walk with my fiancé.  We are getting married in a Museum on a grand staircase and I thought we could just walk down the stairs together and present ourselves.  The officiant and his son would be waiting for us at the landing where the ceremony will be held.  Is this weird?  




Re: Walking down the Aisle (or in this case staircase)

  • You can do whatever you'd like! We had a very informal beach wedding and we walked hand in hand to where the celebrant was set up to perform the ceremony. 


  • Thanks @Jells2dot0‌ I guess I just needed some validation that it wouldn't look really weird to our guests.




  • I think it's a beautiful idea if that's what you'd like!  I heard it described on one of the other boards here as walking into your new life together and really really liked the symbol of that.  You gals may have just solved one of my many questions for me!!!!

    Good luck!
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