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East Wind Caterers in Wading River

amuhl10amuhl10 New York, NY member
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Hey girls - newly engaged and just starting to look for a venue. We checked out East Wind because it is in my home town and they have an "all inclusive" package that has been highly recommended to us by others. It is super appealing to me just because it cuts the vendors almost completely out of the planning process (you pick from their vendors they include in the package).

Does anyone else have any experience with these all inclusive packages or know anywhere else that offers them?

Re: East Wind Caterers in Wading River

  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    @Amuhl10 - I was THIS CLOSE to booking at East Winds (I forget the name of the site I was going to book, but it was the one that was a bit separated from the others, the smallest one I think). I'll tell you the reasons I didn't book with them, which would probably end up being my reasons for not doing an all-inclusive package anywhere (nothing against East Winds in particular, I thought it was beautiful).

    - The vendors. They don't give you many options. I think there were two or three options for photographers and by looking at their work online, I hated all of them. They all seemed to have the old-school, heavily-edited, cheesy style that I do not like one bit. Several of them showed a lot of those very angled shots that I don't like whatsoever.  Having a good photographer was SUPER important to me, and since I decided I would never book any one of those photographers on my own, I decided that they made the whole thing less of a great deal. 

    I also don't remember if there was any option for DJ's, or if I just didn't like the reviews of either. 

    - The centerpieces. The included centerpieces looked like crap to me. Again, nothing I would ever choose on my own, and I thought they looked very skimpy, so I couldn't factor that in as something that made it a great deal.

    - The extras. I decided that to make my wedding what I wanted it to be I'd definitely have to do my own centerpieces, and hire my own photographer. I'd also be paying for bouquets and bouts (I don't think those were included), and would be paying extra for the ceremony space/DJ for the ceremony. 

    Overall, I didn't think it was as worthwhile as it seemed at first glance, but everyone has different expectations. Overall, I've really enjoyed being able to choose each individual vendor and I haven't had too much difficulty finding ones that I like and can afford.
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  • amuhl10amuhl10 New York, NY member
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    @hummingbird125 Thank you! So helpful!!

    I'm from the area so I know a few of the vendors. But I definitely didn't know that about the centerpieces. Did they show you a sample of them? I'm heading there for a bridal expo this weekend, so I think I'm going to harass them into showing me a sample haha.
  • @amuhl10 our wedding is at the Estate, November 2015 and we arent using ALL of their vendors, alot of vendors I already knew I wanted to use before hand, and they are allowing us to go in and use who we want. We went to the showcase in November, and it was a dud, I am not sure if it was for you as well. It was nice to taste the cocktail food, but the vendors I felt were lacking, although we did fall inlove with the saxiphone player that we ended up booking!
  • amuhl10amuhl10 New York, NY member
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    @jrothstein101 I ended up booking for June 2016! I used Tommy Tunes for my sweet 16 (ages ago) and a family friend owns ADA studios so I think the only thing I wasn't crazy about were the center pieces. I went to their bridal show too and I totally agree with you. The food was out of control (I stuffed my face despite my wedding diet) but they didn't have much to show in terms of vendors. I'm still teeter tottering between Tommy Tunes and LI Sound. I meet with them on Saturday to discuss.  So far everything has been super smooth and easy since I don't have to go around contacting 400 thousand vendors.
  • amuhl10 too funny, we also have ties to Tony at ADA and signed our contract with him yesterday! As far as Tommy vs. LI Sound - even though its on their vendor list I feel like thats what you would come down to anyways - we were stuck. But we are good friends with Lou the manager at East Wind and he had LI Sound for his daughters wedding because he said they were "just a hair better" so we are taking his word for it and going with them! 

    Good luck!! Let me know what you decide :) 
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