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I'm trying to stay motivated with my running, but I need hype-up music to help me! Does anyone have any songs they love to listen to when they run? I'm open to all kinds of music.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Workout Music

  • I don't run, but I'll happily contribute some of my recent loves for my workout playlist. I'm more of a hip hop/pop kind of girl.

    GDFR- FloRida
    I'm Legit- Nicki Minaj
    Get Low- DJ Snake
    Flawless remix- Beyonce & Nicki Minaj
    Cinema (Skrillex remix)- Benny Benassi
    Scholarship- Juicy J
    Shell Shocked (from the TMNT soundtrack)- Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign
    Rather Be- Clean Bandit
    Bend Ova- Lil Jon ft. Tyga
    Play Hard- David Guetta ft. Ne-Yo and Akon

    Pandora has a Hip Hop/Pop Workout Station which has been a fun variety too.

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  • I love anything by Fall Out Boy.

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  • Thanks for your help! I will definitely look into these!

    @ohmrs2014 - I really like Fall Out Boy too!
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  • edited January 2015
    The 80's Cardio station on Pandora is a blast! If you go into their genre selection, they actually have a workout genre. Dance Cardio, Pop Fitness, Latin Workout, Yoga, Spinning, etc! 
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  • My tastes are all over the place depending on my mood when I run, but I generally like running to Rudimental, Scooter, Diplo, Muse, Fall Out Boy, and Nero. Or I listen to Soundcloud or Spotify. 

    My favorite song to put on when I really need a boost near the end of a run is "Hung Up" by Madonna.
  • @stevensonwedding2015 - I always switch to 80's Cardio when my usual isn't playing songs I enjoy. I really enjoy it!

    @lolomilly - I will give all of those a try! I'm like you, I need a boost at the end of my run. I just don't usually have the energy.
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  • Popsugar has some great playlists on Instagram!
  • I like upbeat songs that make me feel good about myself as a woman and feel pumped so I'll listen to Latin/salsa, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Pitbull, etc.  
  • Daft Punk is what I need when I'm slowing down on a run. I have "Around the World" set about half an hour in to my usual playlist and it's the perfect tempo for my slow-ass 10-min mile to push past three miles, haha.

    I also love mashup DJs like Girl Talk for running - his "All Day" album is one I can pretty much run straight through. 

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  • On Pandora I like Pitbull's and Flo Rida's stations 
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