Pine Peaks Event Center Price - I'm lost!

Hi everyone. Can somebody help me with this confusion? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

So when you view this venue from theknot website the price score rates as 1 $ (out of $, $$, $$$, $$$$). So that would lead you believe that this is an affordable venue, correct?
Peak season price is $11,850 and November through April Winter price is $4,800

Everyone says it's such an affordable venue. I'm soooo confused. I need to use this venue. It is the ONLY venue that meets my requirements. Has anybody been married here, plan to be married here, or know anything about this?

For reference, the McNamara Alumni venue has $$$, three dollars signs as opposed to one. Yet their website details this:
Saturdays | April - Oct$4200

So how can this be? They both state that food is not included. Tables and seating ARE included.

Re: Pine Peaks Event Center Price - I'm lost!

  • Just booked pine peaks for sept 24 2016. It is absolutely amazing and everything you could want. It is basically a weekend getaway. You only have to use their catering and booze for your wedding night. The rest of the weekend is all up to you. You can cook your own grooms dinner and stay Thursday-Sunday nights. I'm so so so happy we booked this and you should book as well. It is probably listed as affordable because you basically pay that price to have the reception hall all weekend long.
  • It is affordable because they provide all of the tables, chairs, rentals, and decorations! They have a huge storage of almost everything you could possibly need!!! They let you have the whole venue for as long as you need it! The catering is VERY affordable! And the ceremony and reception .. and grooms dinner can all be at the same location for the same price. And you can stay in the BEAUTIFUL retreat right next to it!! The whole wedding party or your family can stay there! It sleeps 18-25 with a huge kitchen, wrap around porch with fireplace, newly wed suite, hot tub, and salon room to get your hair and makeup done! They have a whole closet full of games, a pool table, full fitness gym, and full bar in the basement! 

    We are getting married March 14th. I would recommend that you actually go and check it out and meet with Dave and Julie and you will realize why it is the perfect place!!!
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