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introducing myself

Hi!  I got engaged on 12/13/14 to the love of my life.  We've been together over 2 years.  He is 10 years younger than me and he has never been married, nor does he have children.  I have three from my first marriage who he is wonderful with.  He and my 4 year old son are very close. 

We have set a date for 9/5/14.  I want just close family and friends to attend, probably around 100 people, and we want an early daytime wedding, and want to serve a "brunch" at the reception.

 The wedding and reception will be on his farm.  We are paying for most, if not all, of it ourselves.  I don't need (nor can I afford) the $25K wedding and reception I had 10 years ago.  Nor do I want an attendance of 300+ again. 

He wants his dad and my son  to stand up with him and my 8 and 6yo girls will stand with me. 

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