Me Minus 12 lbs.

Hello, wedding community. I have never been big but I've never been tiny. I want to lose some weight for my wedding. Any suggestions? I have 5 months but I am a terrible dieter as I eat fairly healthy and I have an amazing ability to rationalize sweets depending on my workouts. Clearly not working - train gain!! Any tips/ideas/advice? I covet your responses!!

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Re: Me Minus 12 lbs.

  • Hello I am  trying to lose weight and cut my waistline as well. I am cutting out any and all junk foods as well as limiting my intake of sugar and certain carbs. Healthy eating as well as a healthy lifestyle make a difference so I would add in exercise as well as making sure that you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water too. Small things do make a big difference and so does stress reduction so baby steps are essential and not over exerting or stressing yourself. 
    Good luck and hope this helps Cool
  • look into the Game On Diet. It is awsome and fun and effective if you can do it! i always lose at least 10 pounds when i play the game...
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