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I am just starting the venue search and already extremely overwhelmed!!!! We were hoping to find a rustic secluded venue that allows us to bring our own alcohol and food. Any suggestions in venues or pros/cons with this route over the average on site food/beverage service?

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    Smith Barn in Peabody has the "rustic" feel, but it is not BYOB or food.  You have to use one of their recommended caterers.

    IMO it is way too much work to "bring in your own" for everything.

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    I don't know for sure, but I think that Massachusetts laws strictly prohibit BYOB for most venues if not all of them. I think it has to do with liability.
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    For BYOB, you will need to find a venue that doesn't have a liquor license. Look into places that are in "dry" towns, Wellesley, Weston, Lincoln (there are others I can't think of off the top of my head). Historical sites are good too. Gore Place, Paine Estate, Lyman Estate, Bradley Estate. The Maynard Rod and Gun Club is pretty rustic. You can use your own caterer but they supply the alcohol. The Hale Reservation, Pequitside Farm in Canton, Camp Kiwanee in Hanson are all worth checking out too.

    Good luck!
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    We're having our wedding at Monadnock Berries in Troy, NH (not sure if it's too far for where you're looking.  Just south of Keene, NH).  Wicked nice family owns the place, gorgeous view, and they're letting us bring homebrew and whatever catering company we want. 
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    Glen magna farms in Danvers is BYOB


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    I am getting married at Hale Reservation in Westwood and you basically bring in everything yourself. You can purchase your own booze, but it must be served by insured bartender/caterer (ie, no wine bottles on tables, no guests pumping from a keg, etc). I think that it being served by an insured party is pretty standard for liability reasons; i doubt you would find a venue that would not require that. If you are looking for guests to serve themselves, you probably need to have it in someone's backyard. 

    Overall, though, being able to buy the booze  and just have an insured company serve it will save you TONS.  I think it figured out what the overall per person cost was including booze and bartenders and it came out to about $16/person for 150 people, and thats with me overestimating the cost of booze to be on the safe side. Companies like Kappys will work with you to put together a liquor order, deliver it, pick it up, and then bill you after only for what is consumed. Good luck!
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    The Commons in Topsfield is BYOB because they do not have a liquor license.  My friend was married there and the wedding was fantastic! The only issue with a lot of BYOB places, depending on the town rules, you will have to pay for a police officer to patrol, which is what my friend had to do with this particular venue. 
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