Inexpensive Suburb Reception Venues?

I am newly engaged and new to the Chicago area. My fiance and I want to go to Italy on our honeymoon, so we are trying to save as much money as we can on the ceremony and reception. We are looking at the suburbs for a reception, and some of the places we have looked at include Ashton Place, DoubleTree Alsip, Chateau Bu-Sche, and the Patrick Haley Mansion (which was a little too pricey for us). I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on these venues?

None of these really stuck out to us, so we wanted to check out some more places in the suburbs but are kinda stuck on where to look next. We would prefer one that includes food and drink in the pricing, and something that is definitely affordable for 150 people. 

Any hints or ideas are welcome. Thank you!

Re: Inexpensive Suburb Reception Venues?

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