One favor per couple?

Is it bad etiquette to give 1 favor per couple instead of per person?

Favor is a 187ml bottle of champagne, and I have mini bottle of sparkling cider for those that don't/can't drink. Single people would get their own bottle which is where I'm thinking it may not be "fair" to the couples. 


Re: One favor per couple?

  • Wow. I just realized someone JUST posted about this under me.

    Puppy explains how I currently feel.

    I now return to my extra large cup of Monday morning coffee. Thank you for watching!


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  • Well, to answer your question more generally (for lurkers maybe), even though there was a specific one about champagne - it should always be one per person.  If you were doing any other favor (chocolate, cake, cookies) you wouldn't expect couples to share.  And what would you do if one half of the couple abstains from alcohol (pregnancy, religion, recovering alcoholic, just plain doesn't like it) and you only budgeted one item per couple?
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    Haha! Do you want me to make this thread go -poof-?
    Yea you can poof it.

    Unless you like the puppy and want to keep it :P


  • If you are doing the 187 mL then I think per person. That is what we decided -originally we were going to do full bottles & use tags around them for place cards, but since it is cheaper to go with the smaller bottles we are doing them per person at the tables instead
  • No.  Way too hard to coordinate.  If it's not at place setting, couples won't know to take one instead of two.

    A friend who doesn't have a date at the last minute and brings a friend.  It's not like they're going home together and can split the bottle later.  

    Remember that favors are never required.  If you can't afford a bottle for everyone, you can skip it altogether.  Although I do love an alcoholic favor.  My favorite kind.  :)
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