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appointment at BHLDN

Has anyone gone to an appointment at BHLDN?  I bought a dress soon after getting engaged and am feeling a little bit of dress regret, so I made an appointment at BHLDN to try on a dress I've liked online.  I'll be going by myself since my appointment is at the end of the work day.  Can anyone tell me what their appointment was like?  I listed 3 dresses I'd like to try on, but am I limited to trying on those three?  Some of the dresses I like have low backs--should I just wear a strapless bra, or can I put the dress on in private and not wear a bra?  Thanks!

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    I made an appointment at BHLDN in LA in the summer. I was able to try on just about any of the dresses I wanted (that they had on hand), beyond those that I listed for my appointment. I was definitely not limited to 3. The stylist took me over to the rack of dresses and let me point to all of the ones I wanted to try on. I can't remember the number, but I tried on a lot. 

    The stylist was in the fitting room with me, helping me try on the dresses. I suppose I could have asked her to stand outside, but in some cases I really needed assistance. I think most wedding dress stylists prefer to be in the room to help both to make you look as good as possible in a sample size (which may be too big or small) and to avoid damage to the dress. I went to about 7 different wedding dress salons and in all but 2 cases, the stylist was in the room with me. In most appointments I wore a strapless bra. When I narrowed it down to my favorite dresses at some of the salons, I slipped off the bra so I could see the dress without a bra and see how the back looked and to see how it might look with no bra underneath. 

    I did have an issue with BHLDN in LA that the stylist was late. Quite late. And the staff was not very helpful when I was waiting around wondering why my appointment hadn't started. And although I was only in LA for a brief trip and couldn't come back, the stylist rushed me at the end because she had another appointment. Admittedly, I tried on a lot of dresses there. It was one of my first appointments, so I hadn't really narrowed down what I wanted exactly, and BHLDN has a lot of gorgeous dresses. 

    I recommend wearing your strapless bra in, so that you're ready to go as soon as the appointment starts. Make a list (mental or physical) of all of the dresses on the BHLDN site that you like and be prepared to try on a lot of them. Don't forget to ask to try on belts since they have some gorgeous ones there. If you narrow it down to your favorites and they have a low back, I'd recommend slipping off the bra and seeing how it looks. Good luck and have fun!
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    I had an appointment there in the DC store. You're not limited, you get an hour or so to try on whatever dresses you pick out. They will keep you to your appointment time though--at the end, they have another booking and will request you make another appointment to continue shopping. They also do NOT take walk ins. 

    Wear a strapless bra, and if you want to see the back without bra straps, they'll usually have you hold your bra in place up front, and unclip and hide the straps for you in the back. 

    I did not find anything there, but the dresses were lovely. Their dresses are not as structured as other brands (which I realized was something I need), but if flowy and ethereal is your style, they are great.
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    Thanks so much for the info!  Hopefully my stylist won't be super late.

    My style is normally actually very tailored, but I'm having dress regret about my simple JCrew dress, so I figure it's worth checking out other options.  I think a lot of BHLDN's dresses are beautiful, so I'm curious to see how I'll feel in the more feminine style.
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