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Wedding details (who's going a bit crazy?)

With only a little over a month left for our big day and I feel overwhelmed, the details are the most time consuming.  I tend to over think everything and give myself anxiety.  How many of you are in the same boat?

Happy planning! :)

Re: Wedding details (who's going a bit crazy?)

  • Same! Once those stupid rsvps come in, I'll feel better!! Im trying not to stress over things! But like music choices are becoming seriously difficult! We are having trouble coming up with first dance and father/daughter. I also know there will be so much last minute stuff to do along with my normal work stuff that I swear I'm going to go crazy lol
  • I can't wait until I have all the RSVPs. With an accurate headcount, I get to do OTHER stuff on my to-do list...argh
  • I won't lie - I had a bit of a break down. With only six weeks left, all the little things that I thought I was on top of are suddenly hitting me. The worst is when the bridal party is having some disagreements and certain people are trying to over power each other. I just can't wait to put on that white dress and walk towards my husband!
  • So glad to hear I'm not the only one!!  Everyone who asks how wedding planning is going says, "Well, I'm sure you have everything pretty much ready now," which freaks me out because there are still so many little things to complete.  I am getting there, which has been my consistent answer for the last 6 months, I think.  I'm in agreement - can't wait til the day is actually here & I can just ENJOY!
  • I have five weeks left DYI almost done now I feel better.
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