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Hello All,

So I was thinking of hiring a Day of coordinator for our Brooklyn wedding but not sure of where to begin.Or if its even worth the added high expense. So my questions are... Are you or did you have one for your wedding? looking back should you have had or not had one? Is there someone that I should really meet and must hire( might have room in the budget of 500-800 for someone)




thank you

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    This is my second wedding but I can honestly say that one of my most valuable vendors for the first wedding was my DOC.  My venue didn't take care of certain things that they were supposed to do and so many things went wrong -- I really didn't have a clue about any of them thanks to my DOC.  Now that also had to do with issues at my venue but I will definitely be hiring a DOC again.  

    I've priced a few out and am pretty sure I'm going to meet with Cheeky Details based on LI.  My wedding is in NYC but I've found that vendors are overall less expensive outside of city limits and their travel costs are fairly minimal.  
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    My coworker used a day of coordinator and said it was the best decision. I will see who she used. I might use her too. 
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