I was thinking of buying some parasols for my wedding day and while I have found some online, I was wondering if there were any shops in or around Portland that might sell them cheaply (under $6 each)?


Re: Parasols

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    Hey Karen -  I just bought some on asianideas.com for $7 each but I the knot shop actually has them on sale for $4.99 right now in all kinds of colors!  I was bummed when I found out I could get them cheaper! LOL...the knot shop is also offering $10 off $50 purchased right now!

    This might be the best way to go as I cannot think of any shops in Portland that sell them cheaper?...

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    Thank you! I went to Cargo today and though the shop is chock full of stuff, they didn't have much selection and what they did have, was insanely expensive.  Thanks for the Knot Shop tip though as it's a great price!
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