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Anybody June 2016?

I ask because although we haven't chosen a venue yet, there are a couple we're looking at that rent the entire venue for the weekend... and say that it's okay to share the venue for two weddings. 

Both have packages that seem reasonable and both are lovely ceremony/reception combos. Plus there's the bonus of splitting the cost of tents and chairs in Merry Hill, so long as whoever marries first cleans up. A Saturday wedding and a Sunday wedding would work, especially if the Sunday crew took a Saturday morning/brunch rehearsal and the Saturday afternoon/evening wedding did a Friday night rehearsal.

Even if my fiance and I end up going with a different venue (we're eyeing a couple beach and mountain locations, too), it's an good idea for someone...

Re: Anybody June 2016?

  • Hi,

    We are looking to get married June 2016 (flexible with date though). I have visited both locations already.

    Mountain View Farm is really nice and Sandra seems like a good person to work with. I was not interested by the location simply because the cost is a bit much for me so splitting the cost would make this place a real option for us.

    Merry Hill Events I attempted to visit the other day and the owner, Lynn, never showed up. She never called back or answered my calls and no emails still. I also saw a lot of horse poo in the front lawn and I just made a choice to eliminate the location. Its also kind of a far off drive for most of my friends and family.

    Let's talk. I'm definitely open to this option and perhaps our wedding style/interests will match too.
    Also, since we seem to be interested in very similar locations, I can give you a few suggestions for locations if anything.

  • Oooh, good to know! I'll PM you...
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