Bouquet ideas

Hello, first time posting on the flowers board. I know I want ivory/white calla lillies and maybe put in one or two cymbidium orchids but what else could I add to it? 

I saw some with baby's breath and roses but idk if I love the look. 

Also what stye is best? 

Re: Bouquet ideas

  • When are you getting married? Think about what's in season. If you're in the spring, I love peonies (but they can get really pricey really fast, especially out of season). 

    Depends on what kind of look you're going for, too. Hydrageas could look really nice.
  • @rcher920 Our wedding is in June. I dont know a lot about flowers so no idea what is in season etc. 

    I will look into it. thanks :)

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