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Happy Birthday to my daughters!

My girls turn 5 today. I missed their first birthday by a month, but well, we get to have two parties instead. Yeah, totally PPD but it's only DF and I getting them presents a month later so we can. Besides, if you can't be a princess at 5, when can you be?

From walking V as she had a teething fit on day 1, then dragging two very young toddlers from China to Germany (8 day medical stop from the not a teething fit) to London to New York (stayed overnight and M discovered her feet could carry her in the hotel room) and finally home, to M having surgery followed 72 hours later V having surgery, to both girls up and running in the yard seven weeks later, to having pup-pups of their own (sort of), to falling in love with Daddy before Mommy did, and everything else, I am damn sure glad I went after these two adorable monsters, at all the costs.

Yeah, it'll be Frozen theme party on Saturday. Today it's raspberry white chocolate waffles for breakfast, a freezing cold zoo trip (hey, favorite critters are inside, it's quiet during the week, why not), lunch with Grandma (FMIL) at a tea house (we be fancy.... yes, it's kid friendly and they love it) and after that, I want a nap.
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