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Honeymoon ideas

I know it's a little early but, just wondering if any of you have a plan where you are going for your honeymoon? My fiancé and I want to book in about 2 months just so we know how much to save.

Re: Honeymoon ideas

  • We haven't talked to much about it but probably Aruba, below the hurricane belt lots of sunshine!
  • I was thinking of an all-inclusive resort, like Sandals.  
  • I have talked to a few people that Sandals is totally worth the money.  So I think we are also leaning more towards that idea also!
  • Another fun one could be cruises. They can be cheap and something you can pay off slowly. There are options to add on things like all-inclusive drinks. After planning a wedding, I don't want to plan a vacation, too!! 

    Lot's of options of places to go and you can also visit multiple destinations in a short amount of time without having to go on multiple flights/change hotels!! 
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  • We were initially thinking an all-inclusive, but a cruise might be more budget friendly for us.  We have done a 12 day cruise in the past, that's kinda why we wanted to do an all-inclusive.  I have been looking into Sandals, and they seem pretty expensive.  I am trying to keep my wedding under 10,000, so to spend another 4-5,000 on a Honeymoon doesn't seem to make sense for me.  It is nice to be able to see a bunch of different places during one vacation.  If anyone else is thinking of a cruise, I do recommend Royal Caribbean.
  • We're from Ohio, getting married in Clearwater, Florida. We're staying in the area we are getting married, but moving a little farther south so that we are more secluded from the tourist area. It cuts down on our travel costs since we'll already be down there. The area we are looking at (Sand Key) , like I said, is a little more secluded. I really like that there is also a trolley that can take you to the tourist destinations and the nightlife. 

    Overall, I think it just depends on what you want! There are beautiful destinations in the US for sure, if you're looking to cut down on travel costs. FWIW, Hilton Head Island is also incredibly beautiful, and I'd be happy to give you restaurant recs there! 

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  • We've started talking about countries that might be close to Taiwan, since we'll be starting from there after the second reception for his side of the family. Better to country-hop to somewhere from there, we figure, and save on airline tickets and time loss due to extra flight time and jet lag (Europe/Caribbean would be way more expensive, considering our starting point). Anyone have experience with tour packages in mainland China, Japan, or Thailand? Or even something to New Zealand? A company/tour/area you might recommend? We want to go out of the country (er, both countries) and see something new, but hopefully not spend a complete fortune.
  • We're torn between all inclusive resort or heading to Europe. I'd love to see Switzerland and from there, Italy and France are so close!

    Might have to write a pro/con list to figure this one out! Or just flip a coin :)
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  • We're thinking Hawaii. We'd start off doing a quick backpacking trip (3 days max) and then relax at an all-inclusive, but that's all we have figured out so far!

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  • We have no idea what to do for our honeymoon. My Fiance is beached out due to family trips growing up. Vegas has come up again, and a few other random ideas. We are not hikers, campers, etc. 

    This one will be tough!
  • I've just started doing research! We're thinking an all-inclusive on one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) because it's hurricane season for a lot of the Caribbean.  Hawaii also sounds lovely, so it all depends on the prices we find. We're thinking of using a travel agent, but we're not sure because we've never used one before.

    We're looking for a beach with some scuba diving around and some cool adventure things to do.
  • We have started researching honeymoon locations. We had our eyes set on Florida for about two weeks, but now we are thinking some place more exciting like the Dominican Republic- Punta Cana!!! Has anyone been there before? Share your experience please
  • We are looking at Punta Cana also :)
  • Ugh I have no idea yet maybe a cruise though
  • I can't do a cruise. It freaks me being on it for several days. I know you port to different places, but i can't dooo it:/ lol

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  • OMG just got the greatest news today! Future in-laws said that they're banking one of their timeshares this summer so that we can go anywhere for our honeymoon that their timeshare company offers. They gave us a book to look through and there are SO many places, like SO many. 

    Feeling beyond grateful :)
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  • @allyballyoop peanut butter and jealous!!! That sounds awesome! 

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  • That's awesome!!!

  • @allyballyoop that is so nice of them to do that for you :) 
  • Agreed! More than generous :)
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  • I've been to Punta Cana three times for vacation, twice with my FI. Love it there!! Stayed at three different all-inclusive resorts. More than willing to answer any questions about it :-)

    We were initially thinking of doing Fiji or the Maldives for our honeymoon but the length of the flight(s) is becoming a huge deterrent. So now considering Turks & Caicos or Hawaii. If anyone has suggestions for either, please let me know!
  • Had the same idea with Fiji or the Maldives, @JerseyBeachGal22, but agree - the flights sound brutal.
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  • I'm thinking of staying in California for the honeymoon. Somewhere to relax. Catalina, San Francisco , napa, or even stay at the hotel del cornado. However, if we end up under budget for the wedding I would love to take a train up the coast to Washington. Or road trip to Sedona.
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    What resorts did you stay at and which one was your favorite?@jerseybeachgal22
  • We might do Disney in October for daughter's birthday and just celebrate then. I <3 Disney!
  • We're getting married in Italy, since I'm Italian. We were possibly thinking Caribbean or Hawaii. I've been to Hawaii before and I like that it's a mix of hikes and beaches, because I'd get bored spending 2 weeks on a beach. We'll see...
  • We're thinking more of a cabin someone in Colorado. We both love the outdoors, so the middle of nowhere is sounded pretty good right now!
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    Anyone make any definite travel plans? My fiance and I CANNOT decide on a destination. There's so much pressure to make this trip absolutely perfect!
  • We are so indecisive with this as well.  We might do a cruise to the Bahamas.  Wealso keep checking groupon to see if there are deals.  
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