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Nikki's 21 Blooms (florist) in Brecksville

I was referred to this florist by a friend, but Nikki makes me nervous because she's so hard to get in touch with and doesn't seem to be very organized! She completely forgot about my 2nd consultation and had nothing to show me, but when she finally got it together and rescheduled I liked the quality and look of the mock-up bouquet she made. She still hasn't sent me my final quote 3 weeks after our final meeting and hasn't respond to e-mails... She is extremely affordable and produces great work but none of that matters if she can't get it together on my wedding day! Anyone have a good (or bad) experience with her to sway me?

Re: Nikki's 21 Blooms (florist) in Brecksville

  • No experience with this particular vendor but no way no how would I deal with that now. Our first florist was just like this and I fired her 3 weeks out. I cared the very least about flowers and because of her it was the biggest stress. 

    There are too many GOOD vendors out there to deal with a crappy one. It's unnecessary. 

  • Go with your gut.  If she's stressing you out now, I'd be concerned about her pulling through for the wedding when she may have multiple weddings to take care of on that day.

  • I met with her just to do an initial consultation. After a few more vendor meetings she ended up being more expensive than we wanted, so I sent her a short email thanking her for her time and saying I wasn't interested. Months went by. She called me about two weeks before the wedding and left me a voice mail saying I hadn't given her a deposit and did I still need things delivered to the church and blah blah blah....I was quite surprised because I never signed a contract with her! So it was either a miscommunication or her organization skills are lacking. Keep looking - there are many professionals out there! 
  • Thank you all for your insight! Now I am definitely leaning towards finding another florist. What florist did you go with uszakk?
  • ashcolyer and I both used Roses for Weddings!  GREAT prices!   

  • I worked with Forest Woods Florist. The owner, Vince, has a shop in Cuyahoga Heights right off I-77. He was great to work with and his prices are very budget-friendly.
  • Not sure what part of town you are located in but I have good things about Berg's and Affordable Florist on 150th & Triskett.  I plan on meeting with both her soon.  But I was referred to Affordable Florist by several people including 2 brides.  I was referred to Berg's by 1 bride who I had spoken with regarding a referral for our reception venue.  Both I believe are very budget friendly.
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