shaka-brah for either video or photo?

Has anyone used Shaka-brah for either photography or video? Their prices look good but would love to get some reviews. Thanks!

Re: shaka-brah for either video or photo?

  • JessandArnieJessandArnie member
    edited December 2011
    I didn't use them but I do remember seeing them at the Portland Bridal Show last year. I think they've been around for awhile and I would venture to guess they are one of the good vendors in town.

    Since you're asking about video I do have to plug MY wedding videographer, which was Witness Tree Videos out of Newberg. They were really great to work with and the quality of our final video as superb. I would definitely recommend considering them as well - their website is witnesstreevideos.com if to want to check them out.
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