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Found my dress! but.....

Ok so I found my dress, and it's totally different than what I expected to get and I feel like I dont know what "style'' it is. I was expecting more of a lacey look and left with this dress. The picture really doesn't do it justice because it looks amazing on and fits me perfect! But now I'm conflicted on my other previous ideas for the theme and colors of my wedding which was a rustic outdoor summer wedding with peach/pink colors. Does this dress still fit that?
 Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Re: Found my dress! but.....

  • What is the designer/name of this dress? The pictures are showing up really small and I can't get a good look at it! :)
  • I think it will work for a rustic outdoor wedding :)  It is mostly about accessories anyway!  Its beautiful btw!
  • I love your dress- and had a similar experience!
    Was thinking I'd get a more casual/JCrew/slinky feeling dress and ended up with a tulle skirt ball gown for my tented reception and rustic ceremony...

    I think the tulle skirt is light and airy and great for summer!
  • your dress is gorgeous! I too ended up in love with something completely different than what I expected - thought I wanted flowy lace and ended up with a silk ballgown... 
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