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Just a Friendly Reminder

Hey fellow Knotties.

 I love that everyone shares their experiences and that we are all supportive of one another, so please keep it up!!

I just wanted to reiterate that there is a no tolerance policy for advertising.  This results in an automatic ban.

I do want to address a few threads that I have noticed with people replying with "PM me for more information."  While this doesn't constitute an automatic ban, it can be perceived as indirect advertising.  If I see these kinds of posts, I will send you a PM regarding your post.  If posts like that continue after I sent you a PM, it will then result in a ban.

Also, Knotties, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you receive a PM soliciting anything.  This information will be kept between myself, you, the "offender" and @KnotRiley, as I will be informing her of these situations.

@KnotRiley is also aware of this announcement and I have her full support regarding this matter.


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