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DJ Morrison - Hank Lane Music / More Than Music

Has anyone used DJ Morrissey or DJ Morrison from Hank Lane Music / More Than Music? 

My fiance' and I met with Luis Leon to discuss a DJ for our wedding and he mentioned that he felt DJ Morrison would be a great fit for us. I asked if we could listen to any of DJ Morrison's work, talk to him about what music styles he is interested in or at least see a picture of him at another wedding, but Lou said they didn't allow that and that we should read their glowing online reviews. My fiance and I don't like top 40 hits and the typical Long Island style, so it makes us nervous that we can't have any contact with our DJ until the night of the wedding.

When we tried looking for reviews of DJ Morrison online, we found a bit of a problem. DJ Morrison doesn't seem to exist. He doesn't even exist in the DJ list on More Than Music's website. There's a DJ Morrisson listed, with reviews that name him as DJ Morrison. Even if DJ Morrison is DJ Morrissey, I can't find reviews for either DJ outside of More Than Music's website. 
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