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Hello everyone!  This is my first post to the knot - after weeks of stressing over budgeting because there are just certain things I am clueless on cost, it dawned on me that this is the perfect place to find the answers!  Most of the "big" stuff I have an idea because vendors post their prices online, but some things I just have no idea!!

Flowers - What is a ballpark estimate for flowers?  Strictly bridal party/parent/grandparent flowers.  We have 6 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, 3 flower girls, 1 ring bearer, our parents, and then 4 grandmothers and 1 grandfather.  Is $1500 reasonable for all of that or am I way over/under estimating?  I'm planning to just do whatever is in season and nothing super extravagant.  At this time I'm not looking at any flowers for decorations because I know that adds up fast!

Cake - personally I don't even want cake because I always see it get wasted at weddings (people including myself are usually up dancing by the time it gets served), but we would look at doing 1-2 tiers and then sheet cake (~250 guests).  Has anyone had something like that that can give me an idea of what it might cost me?

Guest Shuttles - Our reception is Latrobe and the venue already gave us a recommendation (and told us the hotel shuttles will run until 11) but I was also wondering if anyone has rented a shuttle or school bus before and what that cost?  I don't want to rely on the hotel shuttles for that many people, and I figure if we only rent it for like an hour or two, it can't cost THAT much right?  haha

Finally, if anyone has any vendor recommendations in the greensburg/latrobe area for anything at all, I'd be interested to hear them! :) The only things we have booked so far are the church and the reception venue, our wedding isn't until October 2016

Thank you!

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Re: Budget Help!

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    For flowers I think your budget is very reasonable. I'm using Budget Blossoms by Jillian (she is incredibly affordable and the pictures of her work are beautiful) I'm getting everything list below for $1080 including delivery, setup, tax and pickup of her vases.
    - 1 Bridal Bouquet
    - 5 Bridesmaid bouquets
    - 4 corsages (Moms and grandmothers)
    - 11 boutonnieres (groom, groomsman, dads, grandfather)
    - 2 ceremony arrangements (I'm using gladiolus)
    - 20 centerpieces (gladiolus in tall vases)
    The centerpieces are $35 each, I'm not sure about the individual prices on everything else.
  • Cake is anywhere from $1.50-$4.00 a slice depending on the bakery. Sheet cakes are cheaper though. Some places charge delivery and some don't. I'm paying about $350 for cake,p

    As for shuttles-- good luck. Im trying to find budget friendly options but I think we are going to end up spending $1500-$2000 on shuttles  
  • Thank you both, this is so helpful!  I had no idea what reasonable numbers were to estimate for this stuff lol

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  • I thought I'd chime in about the shuttle situation (aka, the most boring part of wedding planning).  I suggest contacting local coach bus companies (I went with Lenzner Coach) -- they are so much cheaper than companies that advertise specifically to weddings.  

    For 8 hours (most companies don't let you just pay for when you're using -- they often have minimum time requirements or they count the "wait time" between ceremony and reception to be part of what you pay for) of a 56-passenger shuttle bus, I am paying slightly over $900.  I contacted a lot of transportation companies, and this was the best deal I could track down in PGH.  Our wedding is not until June, so I can't yet speak to the experience of this company, but the price was right in the planning stages!
  • Thank you!  Ugh I might have to look into the local taxi service that our reception venue recommended or school buses then!  I totally forgot most of the shuttle companies are going to have a time minimum and we literally only need them to take people from the reception to the hotels (like 2 miles down the road) lol crazy!!

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  • My sister just had her wedding near you. She really liked her vendors. I know she used

    Silver Sparrow Photography. 

    Greensburg Floral

    And I wouldn't recommend her bakery. It was ok, but I'm sure there are better cakes out there. The flowers though were super pretty and the photos turned out great! 
  • Thank you!  I'm hunting for photographers right now and I have never heard of that one, I'll definitely have to check them out!

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