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Anyone know of a venue like this?

We are in Santa Monica so I would prefer something in L.A., the Valley or close surrounding areas (not wanting to go to OC, Temecula, Riverside).  This is my second wedding, we are both in our 40's, we have small children and there will be a lot of families at our wedding. My ideal would be to have it at someone's house, backyard, but we don't know anyone who can accommodate that many people (we are looking at about 150ppl). Rather than have a sit down dinner or buffet, we'd rather have an In N Out truck, a coffee truck, a large sweets table and another type of food set up (maybe more of kids food station). We've both done the big traditional weddings before and we want this to be more of a party that starts with a short wedding ceremony. 

Any thoughts of venues that would allows and In N Out truck without all the catering?

Re: Anyone know of a venue like this?

  • Not sure if they would allow food trucks but there is plenty of room up there so I don't see why not-- Topanga Community Club. That's where we're having ours and its indoor and outdoor and beautiful views! Especially when everything is green after the rain
  • Hi there... I know you said you don't want to go to OC, but I know of a location that rents out the front and backyard for weddings and other parties. Quite a few things are included, and they allow you to bring in food trucks or other caterer options. You should check it out. The Frnch Estate in Orange.
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