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Newly Engaged to Sailor Overseas

Hi all! 

This is my first post here. I'm newly engaged to a Navy sailor and he's currently stationed overseas while I am in Texas.

Any advice or tips?! :) 

Re: Newly Engaged to Sailor Overseas

  • Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!

    I am a 4 time mother of the bride and retired after 26 years of military service.

    The first thing I want to tell you about is OPSEC (operational security).  Never ever ever ever post anything that tells where your fiance is what ship he is on, when/where they are leaving, when/where they are arriving.  Ever!! And not just on the knot - I mean anywhere, and especially Facebook.

    Social media is scoured for this kind of information by organizations who mean to do us harm.  I work as a DoD Civilian now and I know messages have gone out about being extremely careful about social media and information that can be gathered using it.

    The second piece of advice I would offer is to not choose the Thanksgiving/Christmas season to get married.  That is the heaviest request time for leave and not everyone can get leave during the holidays.  Getting married gives  you no preferential treatment for holiday leave (nor should it - you have 52 weekends to choose from and if you go for the busiest time, that is your problem, not everyone else's who wants to go home for Christmas).

    Oh, and ask for a military clause in every contract you sign with vendors.  It should simply state that if  your fiance can't be there becuase of military duty requirements you can reschedule with no penalties, no lost deposits. That saved my niece's bacon a few years ago!

  • Great advice! Thank you so much! 

    I've seen that OPSEC float around and never knew what it meant, thanks so much for breaking it down!:)

    We haven't decided on a date just yet, as we just got engaged on 1/1 but we are thinking 2016 for sure just not sure exactly when. I would prefer earlier in the year, no later than March. 

    Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm looking forward to learning lots here. Excited to start planning!! 
  • Hello! This is my first post too. My FH is army and also currently deployed overseas. 
  • Hello! This is my first post too. My FH is army and also currently deployed overseas. 
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