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Wedding Dress Timing

I found a dress I love online!  Of course I have to go try it on to make sure it fits me right, but my wedding isn't for another year and a half.  I know a lot can change in between now and then, but I've also heard that you should go wedding dress shopping early.  Additionally, what if that exact style isn't available in a few months?  How long does a wedding dress collection last?  Looking for lots of advice here.  Thanks!

Re: Wedding Dress Timing

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    It mostly depends on your personality, imo. Do you have a very set style or has it evolved over time? If it changes with the seasons, I'd wait.
    Once you make a decision, is that that or do you tend to doubt yourself? Lots of brides on this message board have "Dress regret" and seeing a year's worth of new designs might exacerbate that. 

    Who's the designer? You might be able to contact them and ask how long the dress will be available.

    This all might be a moot point, because you haven't tried it on yet. There were some dresses that I thought looked meh on the hanger (or on the model) and looked great on me, and vice versa.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with pp, it definitely depends on you. I bought my dress 15 months before my wedding and it was a dress I found online a few months prior to that. The only reason I waited to get it is because I found it right around Christmas and I wanted to wait until after the holidays. I never had any regret about the dress, but if you think you might change your mind then I would wait a little bit longer.
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    Thank you both!
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