Too far to travel/ too much inconvenience?

So we found a venue that we love, and is a hell of a lot more reasonable price wise than almost anywhere else - especially for all we get. This place is very unique, has tons of charm, and has so much to offer. We could have a very, very cool wedding there! The only thing we are really debating about this place is the distance. It's out on the peninsula. We would have people coming from all over the Seattle/Tacoma area, and some out of state guests. This place wouldn't be very convenient for anyone. From my house in Puyallup, it's a 1 hour 40 min drive. Checking out the venue the other day coming from my Fiance's place in Bellevue, it was 2 hours 15 min away on the ferry (excluding a good hour or so total wait times for the ferries). Now if the venue was only 2 hours away JUST driving, I don't think this would be as big of an issue. But since people have to deal with ferry cost ($13.90 each way for standard vehicle) and wait times, or bridge toll if coming from the south ON TOP of the long drive, is this going to be a major inconvenience to people? 

This place does have free onsite overnight camping (no hookups or anything fancy), the venue holds 23 people per night (if we get 23 people to do it, it would only be $35 per person), and there is at least a couple hotels nearby. So people would have a lot of options, which is a plus. One negative though, is this is a DIY wedding for the most part, and we are already asking a lot of a good number of friends. We have a few people preparing food (which will be a pain to transport all that way, and they will have to bring some things in ice chests and do all the preparing there), offering to help decorate and set up, and hauling supplies for us. We feel like we are already asking a lot of these people as it is. The distance will also make it more of an issue with other details as well - hair and makeup, cake transportation, anything we may decide to rent, etc.) Also, we would feel guilty asking anyone for gifts after asking them to travel such a good ways for our wedding. Having the wedding where we want it, and having the people there we care about are more important than the gifts, but still, it's something to consider.

We found another nice place which is a lot more convenient where we wouldn't have these logistics worries, plus it's even cheaper yet. Although the first place is very reasonable, we would be saving a good chunk of money here. Plus, we would have a better turn out. This place just does not have the wow factor of the other place though. We aren't excited about it cause we love it. We are excited about it because it's convenient and affordable.... We are in a dilemma. Help!

Re: Too far to travel/ too much inconvenience?

  • As great as the venue sounds, I wouldn't do it.  Just in terms of transporting food at safe temperatures, etc., hauling supplies, cake, and inconvenience, added delivery charges for rentals, it's going to add a lot of expense. You're going to substantially increase your decline rate.  (Worse, you'll get a lot of people who really intend to come, RSVP yes, and then simply do a last minute no show after they think about the logistics.)
    Your guests care more about getting there than wow factors. As excellent as the first venue sounds, you're asking a lot of your guests. I'd skip it. 

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