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Small wedding-questions!

Hi everyone! I am getting married in May 2015. This will be our 2nd wedding for both of us; we have a child each- my son is 7 and his is 8. We are going to have a small wedding in my parents backyard and really want to keep the guest list to around 40 (plus that is all that can really fit back there)- I keep having people say "oh can I come?" and have to tell them it's a small family event. Or wanting me to get a HUGE wedding dress - UGH. NO WAY. Not for  this small wedding- His daughter is obessed with weddings and wants to go to David's Bridal and try on dresses and do the whole bridal thing..I don't really want to deprive her of this specal stuff, but I don't want to be put in the position of falling in love with a dress I don't want/need. Anyone else have all these things they are going through? I know everyone is crazy excited about it! And we are too- we are just more focused on being together and not the event of the wedding!! Thanks!!

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  • Hi, I am experiencing this myself. We plan on having a small wedding/reception at a local mansion, which only holds up to 80 people. I don't even want to have that many people. Only people I want are family and SUPER close friends who supported our entire courtship. I was once engaged before and I wanted the whole big dress and experience, however with this engagement/wedding plans I prefer it to be intimate and about our LOVE. I now have coworkers and other friends who are extremely excited and wanting to come and although it breaks my heart to tell them (I haven't told them) that they can't come, we are considering having an event or get together at a local bar which has live music, for all those who were not actually invited to the ceremony/reception.  I purchased my dress online, it is not big and fluffy, its form fitting, works in our budget and more importantly, I LOVE IT. My advice (even though I am going through the same thing) is to NOT let anyone talk you into or out of what YOUR VISION is for this wedding. ITS YOUR DAY, NOT OTHERS.  Now I need to continue to take my own advice. Best wishes to you. AND Congratulations!!!!!! My wedding is also May 2015.
  • Thank you for the advice. I need to keep telling myself that too. We just want it to be a fun small event. We are having hamburgers and chips and some fun music from an ipod. Almost like a fun BBQ. Nothing big- its like we want to tell everyone, don't fly in for this! It's just us celebrating our love; but we've been together almost 2 years.. and we have kids and we live together and we're almost 40. So BTDT ya know! I know it's an exciting event- but it's more about the marriage than the party!
  • I think it's great that his daughter is showing such an interest!  What a great sign about how well the families are blending!  I think the odds of you falling for a dress that doesn't fit your venue are slim given how clear you are about your vision.  Perhaps you could humor her and go just once?  Perhaps you could make a special fuss out of picking her dress?

    As for the self-invites, I think that's kind of rude and wouldn't have any qualms about continuing your already very polite answer of, unfortunately, it's at home and can't hold that many so it's family only.

    Good luck!
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