DIY flowers- how much did you pay?

I want to make our flowers and trying to flesh out an expected budget. How much did/will it cost you to DIY flowers? What flowers did you use? What did that budget include? (How many bouquets, boutonnières, center pieces, etc.)

Re: DIY flowers- how much did you pay?

  • This isn't a full answer to your question, because we were considering DIY-ing our centerpieces and letting our florist handle the rest (and then changed our mind and are having the florist handle it all), but maybe it'll help!

    I mentioned to our florist that we were considering DIY-ing our centerpieces (because we already bought these pretty lanterns from pier 1 as the main centerpiece, but still wanted a small, simple flower arrangement on each table for a pop of color) and she said she would sell us the flowers wholesale and we could assemble it ourselves. 

    She quoted me $5 per stem of hydrangea (which are big and would take up most of the small square glass vases we have) and $3 per stem of free spirit roses. So with one hydrangea and three roses, the cost would be $14 per centerpiece to DIY, and then she quoted $19 if she were to arrange them herself and deliver to the reception venue. We decided to fork over the extra just to let her do it and have one more thing off our plate the day before the wedding. 

    There's probably a cheaper way of getting wholesale flowers (or even just buying from a grocery store) so it really just depends on how you do it, what type of flowers you want, & what's available in your area.  

    Good luck! :)

  • We are looking at spending approximately $2556 (Canadian) dollars for all of our flowers.  It's a combination of DIY and florist.  

    The bouquets are being done by the florist, one bridal and three bridesmaids is costing a total of $486 (including taxes)
    We have two urns at the front alter.  I have purchase the urns myself for $113 CAD, and they will arrange the flowers in them for $282.50 each, so $565 total
    I purchased my vases/bowls from Luna Bizarre for around $582.  Had to have them shipped to a nearby US location to avoid heavy delivery fees and duty.  
    I found a wholesaler (that required a business registration number- so good if you have one) and got
    60 succulents at $4.35 = $261
    132 David Austin Roses at $4.23 = $560

    Good luck!
  • I'm looking at going the wholesale route. 50 pink carnations, 50 pink roses, 30 white hydrangea stems, and 100 baby's breath stems for a total of $275. I'll be using mason jars and various dollar store vases totaling $55. So for $330 I'll have centerpieces for 20 tables, bouquets for myself and bridesmaids, and boutanneires.
  • Do you research, it's going to depend on where you live and the time of the year. Check out farmers markets and make contacts with people there, get prices from grocery stores. Florists are ALWAYS going to cost most money. I DIY'd the boutonnieres already (wedding is august) because I made them out of burlap roses. Ask friends and family, friends of your parents. They might know someone who grows flowers. But definitely price check. I have a low price point, so I'm taking my time. And the flowers you want to have will change the price too. When you buy bulk, some places charge by weight, not stem, so check that too. There's a lot to think about. 
  • Check out Sam's Club's website and your local wholesale to the public florist for bulk/wedding flower prices.  At the end of the day, it all depends on what blooms you want and how much you want to spend.  You can go to your local grocery store, purchase a few bags of their cheap mixed bouquets, tie them up and have them done for $100 too.  It's all in what you decide to do or want to spend..  The more flex you have the more friendly your budget can be.  That said, consider the time and the mess.  This is a last-minute project which makes a gigantic mess, the value of your time is incredibly high the day before/day of your wedding, is it really worth the stress for the few $$ you'll save. You could purchase one of their wedding packages and it's all done for around $500.  The more flex you have on the design the easier it'll be to keep it on a budget you're willing to spend.   

    One thing to try is give your florist the amount of money you're willing to spend with the list of needs and see what you can get for that amount of money.  I was surprised when I was searching through FTD (MIL's B-day coming up), and there were bouquets more elaborate than we had for our wedding for less than half of what we paid many moons ago. 

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